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Fake Crappie101 Users and Spam sticky icon

Crappie101 Patrons,

We have had an increase in fake users applying for accounts and then posting garbage posts on Crappie101. I am trying to find a better way to handle this, but for the moment, I have decided to make the user creation process a manual process. This will delay the setup process for new users, but I hope it will make the site a better user experience.

For the time being, once you have signed up for an account, please email me shannon at crappie101.com.

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1969-ish Johnson 9.5 hp motor

I would like to sell this motor, but I do not know the value of it. I have not ran it in two years so I am sure the carburetor will need cleaned out.

Before the motor was stored, I had new motor mounts installed and an overhaul done. I also had a new hub installed. As my luck goes, I had it out on the water 2 maybe 3 times before I hit a stick in the water. The hub is stripped again. This motor will need another hub.

If anyone knows a fair asking price or is interested, please email me at shannon [At] crappie101.com.

Thanks!Read more

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Trying the Mississippi crappie

Two of my guides went to Miss. To check out the crappiei bite and caught some nice crappie. Guides Phillip Williams and Ben Peevyhouse

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Catching some early black crappie on Reelfoot Lake

Joe and Little Joe Prichard caught some nice black crappiei on Reelfoot Lake

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Grenada Lake crappie fishing report from JH Guide Service

Went to Grenada Jigi fishing to check on the crappiei bite and caught some really nice crappie. JH Crappir guide service

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Back on Enid lake crappie fishing with JH guide Service

Ed an Mike from St Louis Mo back on Enid Lake with JH GUIDE SERVICE catching some nice crappiei. Slow trolling double minnow rigs

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Enid lake crappie fishing report from JH crappie guide service

Had a trip at Enid lake today and despite the high wind but got a few slabs slow trolling minnows on double rigs with Ed an Mike from St Louis Mo had a great time with JH GUIDE SERVICE


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A place for a game fish to rest in relative security from predators and current. Coveri is a non-permanent physical feature of the body of water. This term is often confused with the term 'structure' which refers to the permanent features of a body of water. Examples of cover include bushes, stumps, dock pilings, and laydowns.

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