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Are there any docks at the boat ramps?

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By vnamvet1968 - Posted on 02 April 2012

Are there any docks at the boat ramps? We have a person that we need a boat dock to get them into our boat.

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Danny thanks for your posting to my question about boat docks at the big 4 lakes in the arc of slabs in Mississippi. I have since received a nice note from the Public Affairs Officer, Vicksburg District, US Army Corps of Engineers that confirmed that the only dock is at Sardis Lower Lake, John Kyle State Park.
We drove over 8 hours to get to Sardis and I thought we had done our home work but never thought that there would not be any courtesy docks at any of the ramps on Sardis Lake. We really enjoyed fishing the lower lake until they slowed down the water flow coming out of Sardis and the bite slowed down to almost nothing.
But the thing that got me was the boats that were coming into the park in the evenings with limits from Sardis and tales of culling through a hundred fish to get their limit of over 12 inch fish.
Since all 4 lakes in the arc of slabs, Arkabutla, Sardis, Enid, and Grenada Lake have great crappie fishingi and we were driving 8 hours any way we thought we would just come back either this fall or next spring and fish either of the lakes that had a dock at one or more of the boat ramps.
We are making plans to come back down the last week in Feb. and fish Sardis Lower Lake, John Kyle State Park and maybe one of your other great lake someday when they have more than just handicap parking at the ramps.
Thanks again
Chuck Galloway

Chuck Galloway

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Mr. Vnamvet1968 which lake are you looking for the docks, i'm sure someone would help and tks for your service to this country.

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