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Berkley PowerBait Sparkle Crappie Nibbles

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By Himaspeaptume - Posted on 19 May 2010

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I use them a good bit and Charlie uses them all the time. We really like the platinum ones but I am sure the others work.
You know there is also the option of using a bait pump if you are using a tube jig.


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Ray, probably a stupid question but what is a bait pump?

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Danny, Glad you asked that. I had the same question but was waiting for another to ask.

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Bait Pump
Bait Pump

Here it is and kind of how it works. I like them.


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Well, hang me silly. Who would have thought it. I suppose this puts a scent around your jig? Is there diff. types or is it a color thing? And most of all, does it really work?

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Yeah these things smell like... Well stinky fish I guess is a good description. They work there is no doubt. The trick is not getting hooked on them. There are times when the fish are biting really lite that these nibbles will make you catch more fish. Get some and try them when the fish are biting but just lite bites and you will see what I am saying. Charlie is hooked on them and he has made me a believer on a couple of occasions.


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Ok, I bit--- bought some today and will try them Fiday. I know Jason likes them. Recently all of my crappiei have been "lite" biting, barely discernable from wind movement of the rod, when you get the fish up, the jig will be down his gullet, unlike minnows, where most are lip hooked on the same lite bite. My wife found out about 8 times this past weekend why we call them " paper mouths".

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Ok-Plain and simple- they are worth the money and they definitely work.

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