Black nose crappie

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By wingman - Posted on 06 March 2009

Any of you guys catch many of these. Woundering if this happens naturally in nature or was this fish one that the TWRA released? I read an article years ago on these fish about the TWRA releasing some of them. Photobucket

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Well they are in Michigan too. Ran across about 9 yesterday and 4 more today!!

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I caught several of these last fall here on Lake Texoma. I asked around and no one seemed to have ever seen one, not even the game warden.

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Here is what I found..."THe black nosed black crappiei as we call them were first described in the white river basin of arkansas. THey have seen been found in 13 other states. The black stripe is the result of a recessive gene, which breeds true when using black stripe brooders. THere are all kinds of claims about them being sterile, or hard fighters and such. No conclusive evidence has ever been found to support any such theories. THey breed just like regular black crappie. I believe the black stripe adds to the excitement when reeling one in and anglers get an adrenaline rush when they see one, resulting in all kinds of euphoric claims. Do not be confused, some people are using black nosed black crappie in hybridization research which results in hybrid crappie with black stripes (to indicate a successful cross, gene expression of a recessive gene from one parent). Therefore some hybrid crappie have been stocked with the black stripe and some people confuse the black stripe thinking it is the result of hybridization. Bottom line, in order for any crappie to have a black stripe it must have a black nosed black crappie parent.

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They are in one lake in Illinois too. I did a double take on the first one I caught. I had to get on the computer to find out what they really are. Since then I have caught many. I assume that the Illinois DPR is experimenting with them.

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Wingman - My buddy caught one just like that last week on Aliceville Lake which is on the Tenn-Tom at the Ms / Al state line. He thought is was some kind of growth or something and tried to wipe it off.

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I've caught a few here at ky lake, but only very few measure. jimbo

Somebody's got to do it , why not me

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Yea thats the 3rd one that I remember catching and all about the same size.

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my uncle caught one that went 2.12 do u think that is a record on kentucky lake for a black nose crappiei???

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