Crappie condos

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By Ray - Posted on 29 January 2009

I have heard a ton about building crappiei condos and would like to see a few examples if you guys would share your photos of some you built it would be much appreciated.

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I'm interested in the condos as well. I have been using Christmas trees and alfalfa hay for years...Also like willow trees when they first bloom.

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i agree with the willows in bloom. tell me a little more about this alfalfa hay,neve heard of that one bef

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I have photo of different condos I have built but am unable to make photos appear on my post...I use Photobucket on other fourms and work fine......
HELP ! ! ! !

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I am in the process of modifying our picture posting process to make it easier for our users.

Once you have a forum topic created, there is a section label 'File Attachments'. Click on the word File Attachments and the the options should appear below the label. Click browse and select the image. Click attach. Once attached, you will see a description box where you can give the picture a name.

For the time being, please use these steps to post. If you have any problems whatsoever, please email me shannon at

Shannon Admin

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Hello I am new to the site. I have pics on tow different kinds that we have put out, but I can't seem to upload them, any info on how would be nice.

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I also use Photobucket to post pics. Will that not work here? I haven't tried posting pics here yet.

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I haven't tried before. I enabled the option to add images using html code. Here is an image I got from Photobucket.

Black Crappie Logo Pictures, Images and Photos

You will need to use the option for HTML Code when copying the code from Photobucket.

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