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Fishing Umbrella for boat in summer heat

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By Ray - Posted on 17 May 2010

I am looking for a umbrella to put on my boat for summer fishing. Do any of you guys have one you really like?

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I have the back of the seat mount umbrella from cabelas that was around thirty dollars. Got two of them, front and back seats. It does a fair job of blocking the sun, given it's size. Be careful when it's windy! I leaned forward to pick something up of the floor, without my back against the chair the chair closed on me! Would say its still worth it to block the sun.

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I have one of the seat back umbrellas. It is too small and pretty much useless except for when the sun is directly overhead. I rigged a large beach umbrella, it is much better.

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Here is the best one on the market from what I read and what others say but it cost $270.00 and man that is a lot of money for an umbrella.


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Ray, I really like that umbrella, but when you start talking 2 of them, wife and I, it gets a little expensive.

nick1's picture

I am also looking for one, any advice?
Marine Directory

Beau Butler's picture

I am interested in this also.

Ray's picture

Here is the umbrella I am looking at now. Someone sent me a message saying they were using this one and liked it well.;jsessionid=MH...


Beau Butler's picture

I think I like the one at Cabela's due to price. Need to study it more.

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