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How does the wind affect crappie?

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By ehood - Posted on 10 February 2011

I have often wondered about how the wind affects crappiei as far as their location and bite. Any of you guys got any ideas on this topic?

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I'll try and help a little on this subject. No wind = more sunlight penetration which in fact drives crappiei deeper and makes them hold tighter to structure. Waves and ripples will help bounce sunlight off of the water. You've got to remember Crappie hate sunlight especially on clearer lakes like KY lake. Sometimes when I have little or no wind I will actually back off of the beds and try casting jigs and minnows. Crappie will spook easily on calm days. I have seen days when the wind is really blowing hard that I can pull right up on a bed in 6 fow and never spook them. Stained or muddy water wind does not matter as much. Sunlidgt will actually help warm stained or muddy water faster in the colder months which in turn stimulates the bite better. My opinion is more wind is better than no wind. But if you are not fishing the right areas at the right time of year wind is the least of your worries.

Chris "Katfish" Johnson
Professional Fishing & Duck Hunting Guide
Tn River Guide Service

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Wind is your friend when crappie fishingi. Although at times we have to much wind. I like wind as to those dead calm blue bird sky days. Dead calm has been my worst days. On the windy days the crappiei seem to head toward the surface.

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Another good question. We need some of the guides to help us out with this one.
I know it seems a East wind kills the crappiei bite for me.
As far as crappie location I have always heard a sustained wind from the same direction will drive bait fish the the wind blown bank of a lake and thus with time the crappie will follow. I can not say I have proved or disproved this theory but it makes sense.


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