Hugo May 15

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By Jason Taylor - Posted on 15 May 2010

Went fishing with a friend Mark Bullard today we caught 16 keepers the fish put the woop on us today but I guess thats why they call it fishing. I finally met Beau Butler on the lake today and got to shake his hand. Beau had some really nice fish. I left Mich at work today so I wouldn't have to work so hard to stay ahead of her fishing. In the back ground is Walter (Doug Crawford) from Grumpier Old Men. He is camped next door and always more than willing to supervise.

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Jason and Beau, i took a "Google" trip to Hugo lake and it looks like a great place to fish and enjoy outdoors. Give us some details about lake and islands that appear to be in lake. Also appears to be very little development around lake.tks danny.

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Danny, Hugo is not a big lake by most standards. You are correct in that there is very little development around the lake, however there is a new housing development going in on the east side of the lake, but at the prices they are asking, I don't see it going over that well in SE Oklahoma.
Hugo is not a deep lake, and about half of it is in submerged timber. The corp did have enough sense to cut boat lanes through the timber and mark them. The average depth in the timber i would guess is around 12'.
Hugo has a very good shad (forage fish) population, and is known all around for it's high density of crappiei and catfish.
The Kiamichi River feeds the lake and originates up in the mountains ( if you want to call them that) and is subject to a lot of run off in a hurry. The lake can rise in a hurry.
the northern part of the lake is actually the river and the immediate flood plain. Early in the year you can find the crappie literally stacked at the mouths of feeder creeks such as Frazier Creek. Catches of 100 a day are not uncommon and 300 a day are not unheard of.
We have no size limit on crappie with a limit of 37 per day. Most people fish the spawn and then go away. Then it's down to a few die hard crappie fisherman. This past weekend, I saw maybe 7 boats over the enitre lake fishing for crappie. In summer that will drop more and in winter, it will probably be down to me and Jason Taylor, who is a die hard, really good crappie fisherman.
Our predominate wind is from the south and it cause the lake to really get rough in the timbered section, where I really like to fish. Jason has a little bigger boat than mine and can hang with it longer than I can. He probaly knows the lake better than just about anyone and can probably catch fish when no one else can.
You ought to come try the lake sometime.

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Beau, tks for info sounds like you'll have a great lake, i would love to come fish but i guess a have to hang in columbus, ms. and west alabama area. Not as many crappiei fisherman here as spawn is over and hot sticky weather is here. I also love to fish fall and winter as i have a lot of west al. water just to myself. I also catch some of my best fish. ( i may start freezing some of better fish so as to make it appear i can catch nice fish after spawn.) Hope you and Jason keep report coming, danny.

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Beau couldnt have described the lake any better but he is not giving himself the good credit. Him and his wife Kim catch a lot of good fish. They been doing so well lately I am going to start getting on lake and looking for Beau's boat then I will know where the good fish are at.
Jason T

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Hey, I never thought about the freezing thing! LOL
Kind of the same thing here, when it gets hot or cold, most head for the house. I like summmer ok, but fall and winter are when I really like it, the fish are ganged up and when you find big fish, they are usually there in big numbers. We actually had to shovel snow out of the boat this past winter, but caught some of our best fish ever.
Jason and I never knew one another until crappie101. I saw him on the lake but never knew who he was. He is a super nice guy and a super good crappie fisherman, dedicated. We now share info each weekend to see where and what the fish are doing ( as well to make sure the ladies aren't putting it on us) We have to stick together! LOL

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Thats some nice crappiei you got there.

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Jason, It was a pleasure to finally get to shake your hand as well. I also had 16 fish . When Kim found out Mitch didn't fish either, she claimed we had a "man" conspiracy going on and that was the reason we didn't do any better than we did.
Of course, I took the high road and made some comment about we didn't catch that many fish but we sure had a peaceful day and didn't lose any gear or break any rods. ( my back hurts now from sleeping on the couch)
Suppose to have some decent weather today , see you on the lake. I'll prob. start out in the area you saw me fishing yeaterday. Know they are there, just need a little female guidance.

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