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Humminbird 998 to get back to GPS Waypoint

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By Anonymous - Posted on 07 October 2010

Hey Ray. I seen you answer lots of questions about the Humminbird units. I can not for the life of me get back on the waypoints I mark on my Humminbird 998. I can see the waypoint on the screen but when I get close I just go in circles never getting over the top of what I marked. The boat icon keeps turning to a circle which I thought meant I was there but not so. What am I doing wrong?

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Thanks for the question and welcome to the site. This is actually a very common issue and it is all about understanding how to adapt to using the Gps on the humminbird unit. First the little circle that the boat icon turns into also called the "doughnut" simply means you are traveling to slow for the GPS to track your direction of travel. The line and arrow that disappear when the circle appears is the "Projected Course" Here is how you can get to the waypoints every time. (1) Start off about 80 feet from the waypoint you are finding. (2) Use the map screen that does not have the compass heading at the top. and zoom to a level where the waypoint is just on the edge of the screen. Probably 100 foot view. (3) Using the course projection arrow head toward the point in somewhat of a straight line. (4) Zoom with the zoom button as you get closer to the point all the way to the 20 foot view. (5) Drop a marker when the boat icon passes over the waypoint on your screen. Remember the GPS position is based on the GPS puck so drop the marker in reference to the position of your GPS puck. As you get better with practice you will be able to start out closer to the waypoint when finding it but it takes practice at first. GPS can only track your position when moving so go ahead and run that trolling motor speed up pretty good when you are approaching. I like 2 MPH. Continually zooming the GPS screen as you approach will greatly reduce your margin or error. "Aim Small Miss Small" Practicing this while you are not fishing will help greatly and in the end allow you to spend more time fishing rather than looking for your cover. Good luck


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