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Live Bait or jigs Best?

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Same question I have asked. In the winter when fish are deep, I tend to stay with minnows. Pre-spawn when they gang up out side the creeks, I go with jigs. Spawni I go back to minnows. Post spawn, like now, I go with jigs as the fish are scattered somewhat and you can locate them easier and quicker double rigging jigs. Sometimes I will locate with jigs and anchor down and fish double rig minnows on the spot.
Summer, I use both, depending on the day and what the crappiei want. Jigs are easier by far, the summer heat doesn't kill them as fast.

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I agree with Ray on this one. I fished Sardis last week(trolling) and had (2)poles rigged with double minnow rigs and (3) with tube jigs tipped with minnows. I noticed that the jigs were getting the majority of bites and on second day changed over to jigs entirely. I was using a single 1/8 oz. jig with a minnow fished from 3-6 foot deep. I was in water that was 20-26 foot deep till wind got bad and then had to retreat to shallower water but continued same method. I did not catch limits of fish but had some slabs. But again it varies and in heat of summer when I have to fish deep I generally tend to use double minnow rigs.

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Man that is a tough question but it will be interesting to hear the responses.
For me it depends on the the day, water conditions and a lot more.
But in general, in the spring near the spawning season the crappiei are hungry and will eat just about anything so running a jig in the right spot will get you more fish quicker however in the summer months a minnow seems to do better with the finicky crappie.


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