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Reader for HB 898c SI to save waypoints to a SD

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By jerry b - Posted on 07 October 2010

Ray, since you seem to be the man, let me see if you can answer this question. I use a Navionics HM-S and want to save waypoints from my 898 to a SD and then place these on my PC to save/edit as needed. What reader can be used to do this?

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OK if I understand the question correctly you are using a Humminbird 898 which has dual card slots and you have both a navoinics south maps card installed and a blank SD card to copy waypoints to. In this case you can use any SD card reader to transfer waypoints to your PC. Now that said you will need a waypoint management software to actually open the waypoint data from the SD card. I use Oziexplorer but Humminbird PC is free and will perform the basic functions. Make sure you have a USB port on your PC to plug the card reader into and make sure the card reader is SD capable and you will be fine. They are really cheap $10.


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If you want to know the exact one I use let me know I will find a link.


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Thanks Ray for the info. What do U use? I'm an ole' folks and a little slow in learning, so bear with me.

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Here is the one I use. If you need technical assistance once you have this we can get on the phone with you and walk you through the process. Not difficult once you do it a time or 2.


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Thanks again Ray! When mine comes in I'll try a few times and then may have to get U'r phone #. Good fishin'

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