Reelfoot crappie fishing report

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By Ronnie Capps - Posted on 04 March 2011

Hey Guys. Reelfoot big basin grooms pocket Green Island Area is one. Crappie 8 to 10 feet deep in 14 foot of water. Several limts caught in the past couple days.
All the other Basins seem to be really slow and water muddy still from the rains.

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Reelfoot Lake Crappie
Reelfoot Lake Crappie

Reelfoot Lake Summertime Crappie Report on July 2nd 2011

Crappie a hitting great in the early mornings in the Lower Blue Basin Area of Reelfoot Lake - Moultrie Field and Bell Stumps area are good spot also.

You need to fish from about 5:00 am until 11:00 am this time of year - its the best

Cloudy days work best this time of year

Al Hamilton
Professional Crappie Fishing Guide
Reelfoot Lake - 50 years

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Nice mess of fine eating right there!

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Big Bunch from Ky staying at Boyettes right now .....nice place plenty of room ....caught 2,25lb black in 15ft of water slow moving 7-10 ft down caught others too but none this big....I call him big shoulders ...ha ha ..Kirby has them qround the bank ....rough out on the open part ...windy warm weather has bough them in shallow...Thanks for all you & your mom do here in Reelfoot ...try to post pics later ........

I just love to catch fish.......simple ain't it!

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Here it is ....

I just love to catch fish.......simple ain't it!

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Looking to be @ Reelfoot Lake first week of april staying at yaws cabins been there ( 3yrs strong now been fishing the lake 10th year coming up ...... coming down from Kentucky there are about 9-)11 of us ( boats) . Looks like the weather should be just right for crappiei first week of april too.... I sure hope so I can hardly wait.,..Thanks for the info Ronnie - keep all info coming got to defend my title ( amongst our little Ky group) Fun Fun Fun!!!

I just love to catch fish.......simple ain't it!

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Thanks for the report Ronnie

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