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state lakes

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By crappy1 - Posted on 29 December 2008

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We sure can if that is what you would like to see. A couple of questions we need to help us. What State Lakes would you like to see? What information about the lakes would you find most helpful? If we add the lake or lakes you want would you be willing to help us keep the fishing reports updated when you visited those lakes?


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I will be glad to. I know these lakes good. Just ask Charlie me and charlie talked about this not long ago.I want this site to do so good.It makes me fell good to know that there are guys here at home on this site.I know at EP there are to many crappiei there some need to be caught out.In 2 months me and 1 guy caught 1000 crappie off of 1 brush pile all were about 10" long but as the summer went on they got better. I would also like to have fruit jar tournaments on these lakes. Just fishing reports and helpful talk.


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I have always heard there were times these State lakes were good places to catch crappiei and the pressure was minimal. Let us know how you do on them.


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