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Trolling for crappie

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By Biggame - Posted on 26 March 2009

How do you troll for crappiei? I have noticed on quite a few forums people trolling for crappie. I have a few questions. Which motor do you use the outboard or the trolling motor? I have tried it with jigs and my bait seems to stay shallow. The only way I can get my bait down to the strike zone is to stop and let the bait sink which takes quite a few minutes. Thanks for any help you can give me.

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It also depends on what type of trolling you are talking about,if you are wanting to spider rig or slow troll, the capps and coleman rig is the way to go,you place your rods out the front of the boat,most of the time the rods are 10 ft or longer,and troll them very slow over so kind of cover like brushpiles or stumps or ledges,very slow like .3 or .4 on a GPS.Then there is whats call Longline trolling,thats where you place your rods out the back of the boat,this way you just cast your lines out the back of the boat as far as you can and take of trolling at about 1.0 to 1.4 on a GPS.Most of the time you will be useing 1/8 jigs.You either how to reel in or make very wide turns to keep the line from running togather.You can cover alot more water and at a faster pace this way.There is also sideways trolling,lot of folks troll this way on pickwick lake,you just mount your trolling motor to the side of your boat,close to the middle and push the boat sideways though the water,placeing you rods on the side of the boat,put out just enought line to keep you bait about two foot off the bottom.It help to have a small or light boat for this type of trolling.All these type of trolling is done with a trolling motor,about the only time you use the gas motor to troll with is pulling crankbaits,even then I still use my trolling motor.


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Capps and Coleman rig
Capps and Coleman rig

I think this will help you keep your bait down. This is how the Capps and Coleman rig looks and works. You will still need to control boat speed with maybe a drift sock or chain but this rig will fix you up.


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Biggame, People use different things. I use the trolling motor. It sounds to me that you might be moving a little too fast. The key to trolling is slow. There are many ways to slow the boat down. You can drag a piece of logging chain behind the boat, or buy a drift sock. I've seen on another forum where a guy cut a hole in the bottom of a five gallon bucket and used it like a drift sock.

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we just drag a small piece of railroad iron cheap to replace if you loose it

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