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6 - Research / Resource Needs


  1. No management plan is complete without proper evaluation. Management strategies suggested in this plan should be appropriately evaluated after exploitation studies have been initiated, population modeling has been conducted, harvest restrictions have been imposed, or creel surveys have been completed. Evaluation of additional trap netting data using the Crappie Stock Assessment will yield further information regarding the effectiveness of the management plan.
  2. Natural mortality rates of Age-0 to Age-1 crappiei should be derived by fishery managers to assess where supplemental stockings will be most beneficial.
  3. Handling and hauling mortality of crappie should be estimated and reduced by hatcheries to minimize post-stocking mortality to 0-20%.
  4. Crappie marking techniques, such as six-hour oxytetracycline baths, should be investigated for supplemental stock identification purposes. Once a desirable marking technique is accepted, future contributions of stocked fish to year-classes can be evaluated.
  5. Fishery managers should re-evaluate current crappie minimum length limits using population modeling programs.
  6. A Crappie Recruitment Model is needed to determine what variables are having the greatest impact on crappie recruitment in Arkansas waters. The model would potentially help fishery managers identify those problems in reservoirs where corrective management could be applied, and would also help in predicting missing year-classes and thus, supplemental stocking guidelines on an annual basis.
  7. Fishery managers should explore the use of other sampling techniques such as the larger 8’ x 8’ or 6’ x 6’ floating trap nets and spring/fall electrofishing in lakes where standard trap net gear has been ineffective at sampling the crappie population.


  1. Trap net boats and motors ($6,000) replaced as needed
  2. Trap nets ($475/net) replaced as needed
  3. Dissecting Microscopes
  4. Ocular micrometers
  5. Data reduction and analysis software for trap nets (currently being developed).
  6. Exploitation/Tag Reward studies ($2,500/each)
  7. Continuing Education workshops on population modeling
  8. Develop standardized protocol for assessing habitat needs in Arkansas lakes.

Information Provided by Arkansas Game and Fish Commission

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