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Crappie Management Plan 02-28-2002



February 28, 2002 Prepared by Tim Burnley D. Colton Dennis Jeff Farwick Dean Smith Don Turman Drew Wilson Approved by: Mike Gibson, Chief of Fisheries ARKANSAS GAME & FISH COMMISSION CRAPPIE MANAGEMENT PLAN MISSION STATEMENT: The goal of crappiei management is to provide quality crappie fishingi. Management efforts towards improving recreational crappie fishingi will be optimized within the context of a multi-species fishery by accurately characterizing crappie population density and structure and enhancing crappie populations through harvest regulations, stocking, and habitat improvement. OBJECTIVES: 1. Develop standardized sampling methodology for evaluating crappie populations. 2. Develop a set of biological criteria for identifying what a model crappie population in Arkansas should resemble based on standardized sampling procedures to manage both black and white crappie populations collectively. 3. Develop a Crappie Stock Assessment to provide a standardized means for fisheries managers to make objective evaluations of population structure and population trends over time. 4. Develop a set of biological criteria that would determine when or if harvest regulations would be appropriate for improving crappie population structure. 5. Develop guidelines and evaluate effectiveness of crappie supplemental stockings. 6. Evaluate need for stocking forage species such as threadfin shad when crappie growth is limited. 7. Evaluate need for stocking predator species such as saugeye when crappie overpopulation and stunting occurs. 8. Assess crappie habitat needs in Commission-owned and Federal water project lakes and implement appropriate habitat improvement projects. 9. Exploit opportunities to influence water management policy and operational features on Federal water project lakes to improve crappie habitat.

Information Provided by Arkansas Game and Fish Commission


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