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Crappie Spawn Temperatures

The following table lists the spawning temperatures of various fish species in Tennessee. Temperatures are given in degrees Fahrenheit (F)

Species Spawning
First Fry

(approximate temperature)

Paddlefish 50-55 ~57
Largemouth 68-72 ~75
Smallmouth 59-60 ~65
Striped Bass 59-65 ~68
Cherokee Bass 55-57 ~60
Spotted Bass 63-68 ~70
White Bass 57-68 ~63
Yellow Bass 62-67 ~70
Warmouth 75-80 ~80
Bluegill* 70-75 ~77
Redear 68-75 ~77
Green Sunfish 75-85 ~85
Black Crappie 62-68 ~68
White Crappie 60-65 ~65
Channel Catfish 75-80 ~82
Blue Catfish 70-75 ~78
Walleye 45-50 ~50
Sauger 40-45 ~47
Muskie 49-59 ~52
Northern Pike 40-52 ~54
Rainbow Trout 50-55 ~55
Brown Trout 47-52 ~51
Brook Trout 45-48 ~50
Ray's picture

Hey Deep13 welcome and let me say that was a fine introductory post you made there.
I can not wait to see pics of those hog specks.
As for temps in my opinion it is a general rule kind of things that serves me well as a starting point. There are variations in other factors that make the temp rule move one way or the other. A simple example is in muddy water crappiei will go shallower and in clear water they will go deeper. There are many other to include brightness of the sun and even boat traffic. Even with all the variables general rules on temps are a good starting point.


Deep13's picture

Of all the times for my sonar to 'crap-out' NOW!!!! I live just north of Atlanta, in Alpharetta. I reside in a community called Windward, which is a collection of 15, or so, subdivisions built around a private lake. This lake is approximately 200-220 acres and NO ONE fish's it. I'm serious; there are a handful of fellows who regularly beat the banks for bass, but no one targets the Crappie, bluegill, or monster shellcracker. I moved here around 8 yrs. ago from Louisville KY,( GO CARDS ), as my wife was promoted with UPS. Remember when you were a kid and you dreamed about that magical lake that no one fished and you had it all to yourself?...Well I found it. Most of the folks that live here are city-folks, yuppies, retired, or just simply not even remotely interested in fishing. Much to my wonderful wife's chargrin,...I've been labled the one and only "Windward Redneck". I prefer 'country boy; as I hate Nascar, can speak in muti syllable words, and I am positive that regardless of what # cousin it is, it's still way wrong to kiss her, soooo. The crappiei here, are all black and I salute whoever made that descion. I've caught numerous crappie at, or above, 3lbs., And I Swear I've lost 2 that I know had to be near 4lbs. !!!! I've been here long enough to have a very good knowledge of the lake, above and below, but I still at times struggle with temperature changes and how they affect the behavior and location of crappie at this time of year. Any advice would be most welcome and I hope to soon post some photo's that will blow minds. I swear there are crappie in this lake that come ashore at night and feed on folks 'toy' dogs, or small children. Well thats' what I tell people anyway. Thanks for time and I wish all the best sring yet!....Deep

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