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Eye Opener

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By Roper Outdoors - Posted on 28 June 2011

Recently, I wrote the article asking the question How To Grow The Sport of Crappie Fishing? It was amazing to see so many people point of view that it was mind-boggling. Now the way my mind process things is a little bit different. I look past what people are saying and try to figure out what has influenced their opinion. What I’m about to say is not intended to hate on a particular age group or start something but it’s the truth. I asked a fellow that commented on another website to create a poll and title it How Old Are You? As of right now there has been 222 Voters and here’s the result.

18 or Under (2 voters 0.90%) – 19 to 30 (23 voters 10.36%) – 31 to 40 (33 voters 14.86%) – 41 to 50 (46 voters 20.72%) – 51 to 60 (60 voters 27.03%) – 61 to 70 (46 voters 20.72%) – Over 70 (12 voters 5.41%)

This shows the reason why some want to keep the sport where it is and it also shows what generation we have missed. I found this study online and even though it’s from 2005 it still is useful, because the reality is that the results of this study has increased. Here is the title of the study and a little about what they found. Study Shows Teens Technology Use Is Surging. Not surprisingly, the number of teens online is growing by leaps and bounds. Over the past four years, the number of teens using the Internet has grown 24 percent and an overwhelming majority of teens—87 percent—of those between the ages of 12 and 17 are surfing the Internet. About 21 million teens use the Internet and half of them say they go online every day; 51 percent of online teens live in homes with broadband connections; 81 percent of wired teens play games online, which is 52 percent higher than four years ago; 76 percent of online teens get news online, which is 38 percent higher than four years ago; 43 percent have made purchases online, which is 71 percent higher than four years ago; 31 percent use the Internet to get health information, which is 47 percent higher than four years ago. WE HAVE WORK TO DO!!!

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