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Grenada Lake FAQ

When was Grenada Lake built ?
Grenada Lake was completed and opened in January 1954.

How long is the Dam ?
The earthen-filled dam measures a little over 2.6 miles in length.

Why does the water level drop so much during the winter ?
Grenada is a part of the comprehensive plan for flood control in the Yazoo River Basin and helps to protect the Mississippi Delta from flooding during the spring rains. The lake is dropped to 193 feet above sea level during the winter months to provide storage area for the spring rains. During the summer months from May to August the lake level is scheduled to remain at 215 feet above sea level for the recreation season.

How large is Grenada Lake ?
During the summer from May to August at 215 feet above sea level, the lake contains 35,820 acres of water and has approximately 148 shoreline miles.

How do I get to the cabins ?
Follow State Highway 8 east from Interstate 55. You will cross State Highway 51 and go approximately 4.5 miles where you will see signs indicating Hugh White State Park and Cabins. Do not turn on the 333 scenic loop exit, which would take you to the dam area and Hugh White State Park campgrounds.

Where can I get a fishing license or find out about fish limits ?
Fishing licenses can be purchased at most bait shops and there are several located on State Highway 8 near the lake. Information about fishing regulations can be found at:

What boat ramps have the boat launching fee?
We are presently collecting fees for boat launching at: North Graysport, South Graysport, Grenada Landing (Main Landing/Marina), Gums Crossing, North Abutment, Outlet Channel (West), Young's Landing, Bryant and Piney Woods.

Courtesy of U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

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