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Wheeler Lake, AL Crappie USA 10/24/09


Lake: Wheeler Lake, AL
Date: 10/24/09


Amateur Division
Rank Name Hometown Weight Winnings
1 Echols, Scott  
Echols, Crystal 
Eva, AL 
Eva, AL 
8.82  ----- 
2 Keil, Darrell  
Keil, Freda 
Trinity, AL 
Trinity, AL 
7.61  ----- 
3 Feagon, John  
Feagon, Mathew 
Mayfield, KY 
Mayfield, KY 
7.48  ----- 
4 Echols, Roger  
Echols, Steve 
Somerville, AL 
Decatur, AL 
7.14  ----- 
5 Walker, Johnny  
Walker, Wade 
Harvest, AL 
Harvest, AL 
5.73  ----- 
6 Howard, Rick  
Sightler, Charles 
Warner Robins, GA 
Gray, GA 
5.13  ----- 
7 Sullivan, Gregory  
Jenkins Jr., Thomas 
Jasper, AL 
Arley, AL 
4.78  ----- 
8 Smith, Kendall  
Smith, Leslie 
Pikeville, TN 
Pikeville, TN 
3.71  ----- 
9 Dyer, Robert  
Williams, James 
Navroo, AL 
Carbon Hill, AL 
2.79  ----- 
10 Linderman, James  
Linderman, April 
Toney, AL 
Toney, AL 
2.68  ----- 
11 McAdams, Carl E   Fredonia, PA  -----  ----- 
12 Bowland, Michael  
Bowland, Aaron 
Mayfield, KY 
Mayfield, KY 
-----  ----- 

Semi-Pro Division
Rank Name Hometown Weight Winnings
1 Parker, Larry  
Parker, Vanice 
Dyersburg, TN 
Dyersburg, TN 
7.10  ----- 
2 Roper, Tommy  
Roper, Jared 
Forrest City, AR 
Forest City, AR 
6.64  ----- 
3 Barkley, Aaron  
Edwards, Tommy 
Hartselle, AL 
Moulton, AL 
5.76  ----- 
4 Thomas, Dallas  
Caldwell, Greg 
Elwood, IN 
Noblesville, IN 
5.69  ----- 
5 Carter, Joseph  
Carter, Janette 
Gilbert, SC 
Gilbert, SC 
4.81  ----- 
6 Morris, Mark  
Morris, Corby 
New Castle, KY 
New Castle, KY 
1.96  ----- 
7 Ferguson, Steve  
Briggs, Joey 
Puryear, TN 
Dexter, KY 
1.21  ----- 
8 Stewart, Ralph  
Stewart, Paul 
Murfreesboro, TN 
Jackson, TN 
-----  ----- 

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