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White Crappie Record Books

State Weight Length Location Angler Date
White Crappie Record Book
Alabama 4 lbs 9 oz   Martin Lake Jeremy S. White 5/8/2000  
Arizona 3 lbs 5.28 oz 16.75" Lake Pleasant  Robert Schnell 2/22/1982  
Arkansas 4 lbs 7 oz   Big Mingo Creek  Shelby D. Cooper 4/12/1993  
California 4 lbs 8 oz   Clear Lake  Carol Carlton 4/26/1971  
Colorado 4 lbs 3.75 oz 17" Northglenn Lake  Daryel Thompson 1975  
Georgia 5 lbs 0 oz   private pond  Theresa Kemp 4/10/1984  
Idaho 3 lbs 1 oz   Crane Creek Reservoir  Leslie Greenwood 2001  
Illinois 4 lbs 7 oz   private pond  Kevin Dennis 4/8/1973  
Kansas 4 lbs 0.25 oz 17.5" private pond  Frank Miller 3/30/1964  
Michigan 3 lbs 6.24 oz 19.5" Stony Creek Metro Park Terrance Poirier 2000  
Minnesota 3 lbs 15 oz 18" Constance Lake  Michael J. Woodward 7/28/2002  
Mississippi 5 lbs 3 oz   Enid Reservoir  Fred Bright 7/31/1957  
Missouri 4 lbs 9 oz   Private Pond  Samuel H. Barbee 3/5/2000  
Montana 3 lbs 10.88 oz 18.5" Tongue River  Gene Bassett 5/10/1996  
Nebraska 4 lbs 1 oz   Red Willow Reservoir  Elsie M. Jensen 5/18/1980  
Nevada 2 lbs 13 oz 16" Weber Reservoir  Paul C. Grant 2000  
New Jersey 2 lbs 14 oz   Mill Pond Dean Montemore 2005
New York 3 lbs 13 oz   Sleepy Hollow Lake  James R. Weinberg 6/9/2001  
Ohio 3 lbs 14.4 oz 18.5" private pond  Kyle Rock 8/25/1995  
Oklahoma 4 lbs 15 oz 19" private pond  Frank Robinson 5/4/1991
Oregon 4 lbs 12 oz   Gerber Reservoir  Jim Duckett 1967  
South Carolina 5 lbs 1 oz   Lake Murray  Mrs. H.P. Owens 1949  
South Dakota 3 lbs 9 oz   private pond  Gary Ernst 4/28/1974  
Tennessee 5 lbs 1 oz   pond  unknown 4/20/1968  
Texas 4 lbs 9 oz   Navarro Mills Lake  G.G. Wooderson 2/14/1968  
Washington 2 lbs 12.8 oz   Columbia River - Burbank Slough Don J. Benson 7/21/1988  
Wisconsin 3 lbs 13.1 oz 16.5" Cranberry Marsh unknown 5/4/2003  
Wyoming 2 lbs 5 oz 15" Glendo Reservoir  Joseph Whitfield 2000  

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A method of keeping fish alive after they have been caught. A string or small nylon rope is threaded through the mouth and gills of a fish and is then tied off to the boat or dock allowing the fish to remain overboard in the water but preventing them from swimming away. With the advent of livewells and other more modern methods of keeping fish, stringers have become nearly obsolete, but can still be quite handy when fishing from the bank of a pond. The term 'stringer' is also used by anglers to indicate the size of their catch for the day (10-pound stringer = 10 pounds of fish).

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